Saturday, November 30, 2013

voices and music

here sleeps, a dawn 
and I awake, 
with the footprints 
of the colorless horizon and some coffee stains, 

here I float
across the soul-less sand, making sense of the sea 
and a dead savanna of letters
not hiatus or diphthongs 
just the cruelty of aching alphabets
here perhaps, 
is no solfege just the octave of silence in the nights 
here lies, words on my window and an ocean beyond

here, in nutshell 
I draw your face for poetry 
in the fog accumulated on my shower curtains 
with all details smudged
and write till my hands give away 
then I remember that once on such night 
you kissed all across my fingers gently 
and this is just another night
and fade off 
to sleep

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