Saturday, November 30, 2013

red dwarf-

while looking at things
sometimes meaningful
I think all that matter's 
eventually will end

my first written poetry,
Brecht's plays
Catcher in the rye

The Najdorf Variation
the smell of winters
Lucy in the sky

tickets of our trip to Shillong
(kept in my office diary)
my childhood memories
the full moon nights, the rivers 
and the haunting beauty of fire flies

lake Titicaca
nando's mother and her kobiraji's
Memories of Auschwitz

the films of Ingmar B.
stolen kisses, college reunions
the coffee houses of Calcutta
'tumi robe nirobe '

and us?
may be
but not now
not yet

..and I slowly whisper our names 
and leave the waves 
to travel universe,

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