Saturday, November 30, 2013

mad urges

insanity isn't a disease 
it is mostly what we all have 
in bits and parts 
in front of the bathroom mirrors 
and the shower songs
in back wall graffiti 
and in talking to yourself 
making sure no one would see 

create your own mirages 
stay little mad at the edges 
and yet so full 
like Dali

on days 
stay up till 3 
with cold olives and colder beer 
scribbling the same thing again and again 
like Bukowski would 
and be horny
feeling just the right 
with what ever is left 

and sell your soul 
to whims of 
this growing storm around 
that makes coffees 
taste of poetry 
and cigarettes smoke philosophy 
and slowly 
with every thought brewed 
and every word written 
know that you have been a fool
to hide it

insanity helps 
for the world is too bloody filled 
to see the loneliness inside 
and so now on
sing behind shower curtains in front too
and love the man in the mirror
light a matchstick 
burn the goddamn universe

1 comment:

gargi said...

loved the lines about being a fool and hiding it....
I am back to reading your stuff again after a long while, i still am amazed by your skill.