Sunday, November 18, 2012


3 am, 
sugarless coffee
pumpkin spice latte
our hearts are spoons, stirring it
the smoky haze,
this smell mixed into yours
and first sips
the after tastes, like a burnt cigarette

while you talk of
the world, (is an asshole, you say)
I want to travel Europe
Nobokov is underrated
Brecht is overwhelming
wish we were in a jungle
wish we were in seventies
wish we were..
. together

I'll make you an early morning cup
I'll make you a metaphor
and a poem
our lives are rectilinear, like
sex, drugs and Beatles
perhaps indie movies, Jim Jarmusch

I am, me
class of 2013
summa cum laude
and your love.

When the coffee ends,
you can have my soul.

1 comment:

Divenita said...

It is beautiful.
Esp the last two lines.
A post that will linger in my mind for long after long!