Sunday, November 4, 2012


slowly, reveal 
look out the window, touch the breeze
and if it rains, let it rain all over you
do not blame the sun, thank it 
caress the leaves, fallen or otherwise
the tears that you wipe, let them flow and dry
feel, this moment right now, yes,
you are alive

make that coffee a little dark 
and live through each sip and gulp it 
and breathe
write a poem that makes you smile and cry
and then say it out to yourself, 
'I love you.'

accept when others say that too and smile a little more this time,
for them

accept that you have made mistakes, would do again
be kind, to yourself, you are not perfect, who asked you to be, anyway
say, 'I love me.', now,
and then feel that breeze on your face again

for you and I are just the guests of space, 
and eternity
and we must live, my love
while we live.

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Divenita said...

This one is different. You haven't used names here. :)