Monday, August 13, 2012

When a friend asked why poets are sad creatures-

Personally there is something intimately romantic in something that is tragic and yet something that is so profound that steers your personal codes of expressions to a level unattained before.

To write is not just to feel and be expressive but it is about understanding a pattern, a synchronization of words that looks beautiful and pain entangled into this web of personal helplessness makes you a better judge of such less observed things, perhaps.

Perhaps the sheer size of your loss makes you blind to the macro aspect of a regularly lived life and acumen's you with a micro vision of the flow of words and their symmetry and their nature.

To think of it all artists of our times and the gone by era hold onto something a distant idea of sadness that makes them stop time and wait patiently till they can offer themselves something however momentarily that pacifies them.

I though in no means am saying that the sheer strength of tragedy and that morbid sadness is a driving force in their artistic endeavors but we cannot deny that of all emotions this one powerful emotion of melancholy changes you in ways nothing else can not even love.

And hence sometimes we also see these artistic types such sad lovers or sad in love just because this feeling of having nothing left but your thoughts makes you hold fast to your creativity.

The artist is never objective, just abstract.

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