Monday, August 13, 2012

Two poems that end in you-

So, it must be understood
that my wanderlust and cravings
leading to unknown books and verses
and trees and rivers
and the slow flames of burnt wood in the coldness of a night
are means to find ways
to the heartland of my soul
which lights up like an ember or a dying star
when certain words bleed
smudging the hollow of my life
into something remotely alive

And in the moment of surreal gratitude and serene awakenings
there are a thousand men who walk
through the courtyard of my dreams
whispering words that I read and caress back to life
my faith in men and verses.
and in between all the thousand faces to find you
I metamorphose into your words and rhymes
and your name and then


That poetry is how I talk
when silences are misunderstood
and I have to hold onto that instant of completeness
that lays within
like a stealthily shadowing stranger.

And with every night that passes
I learn to graft my own words into a pattern
that is noiseless yet remorseful
and echoes with voices of my soul and shadows
clearing a pathway that leads me to a map-less jungle
where lovingly I loose my way
of reasoning and logic and all that is sane
so that I can walk myself
astray to you.

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