Saturday, March 10, 2012

Raven like a Writing Desk-

Stifled groans,
Beatified hypocrisy,
The Calcutta chromosome,
a river called padma,
in-ornate words,
therapeutic bodies,
gnawing into each other
a delicate touch,
intellectual ejaculation,
walking in the jungle getting lost
coming back
memories of a twilight
hope springs
an oasis in eyes
Calvino stories,
front and back,
Chalk circle,
inebriated soul.
-"Tanima, aamake chene oke deke din?"

Imperialist oppression,
Communism in closet,
Rabindra sangeet in radio,
yellow taxi,
slow lingering kiss,
uneven edges,
-"But you loved me then, didn't you?"
Here and now, nothing exists
unopened books.
My cluttered studio room,
cigarette smoke,
-"I feel like Leofric around you."
Sacred morning,
incense sticks.
An old Victoria Memorial,
Kali Bari,
Write me a letter, handicapped poetry,
your beauty,
a sunrise in Kanchenjunga
spanning the earth
emotional claustrophobia

The day I met you twelve years ago, class of 98,
an ash tray of your thoughts
lay scattered around
and you were nowhere to be seen
and that day I called your name
in the May rains you never came back,
your smug smile.
-"Do not, marry."
-"But I will."
testosterone bulged,
Hemingway machismo,
Octavio Paz surrealistic.

That my love for you has not died
it just lies face down in an asylum
like me, right now.

Excuse me! "Tanima, aamake chene oke deke din?"
(She knows me, can you just call her.)

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Divenita said...

Lovely, as usual.