Wednesday, February 8, 2012

in fragments yet conjoined (like love)

I exist
a part flesh and a part thought
like the shadows of intangible
the warmth of a starless rain smelling night
the chants of an old ruined shrine
and a thousand living moments
nested in the comfort of your arms.

You know,
there is an unknown sky
inside the home of your eyes
that makes a thousand ships to sail
through the ocean of my heart
and the water stays
in the imprints of your small palms
in ripples

As I
let go of me
and my solitary confinement of a life
only to fall back
once more
in the enamoring arms
of a metaphor
in the archipelago of your skin
out beyond every failure of mine
and the need of a poetry
to find you, in me

And then I learn
that I was never meant to meet you
that all along
we resided within us
breathing in each other
for each other
like the unsuspected light of sun
deep within the sacred soul of the moon

Walk by to see
how each prose of mine
is pronounced a poem,
in solitude
and a story
in unison
just by -
the touch of your name.

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