Friday, January 20, 2012

‎39, Presidency University-

He sleep-walks around Lyon sometimes on evenings
sometimes taking photographs
mostly like a well groomed nomad
he strums words on pages
relatively pretentious
and overwhelmingly unambitious.
He writes because he still lives
It is not sad, dull, gory, happy
it just is
And he writes

Sayantan, Untitled-
(a)And what if we have a daughter.
How would she grow upto be.
I believe she would have your eyes and my eye brows.
Like the things you are, mostly
with a gray hue of me.

...That day just outside that small coffee-hut
I saw this young french brunette girl thirteen.

She took twelve seconds to cross the street, exactly that
because I saw her reflection on my watch
for the first time, as I saw her.
Exactly like you
I usually would be inside the bookstore
across the road by then
but you would measure and walk.
Just like her
this unknown French kid...

(b)And I think about the three of us
looking curiously outside the windows
on a rainy afternoon
with the falling waters
making strange patterns
on its transparent doors
I would be assured of her intelligence
if we could gaze on like this.

Moreover your eyes can scan poetry can't they
even in the most dilapidated of foundations
and what is rains-
but uncovering the raw beauty
that this old-old planet holds.
You've taught me that
ah! she would just know.

(c)and when she gets a boyfriend
would she look for me in him
or a man-ed version of you
who is much well read, unchaotic
and basically better.

She would be eager to read the books
I have read
because you always are aren't you.
You read Tolstoy
could you finally complete Karenina.

And once more my life would reek of Blyton's,
Carroll's and likes.

To live in this unreal panorama of a real life
he has wizened out his soul.
Lucid mornings,
clearer yet snowy noons and a lot of meanderings
is what it takes.

Inside he still reads Neruda to let him sleep.
And resides in the Baker Street apartment
with the master and the friend
and the Hounds of Baskervilles to just think of her and yet not.
And sometimes just sometimes
by sheer personal absent mindedness
puts up his address as
-39, Presidency University
Pyari Sarkar Street, Bow Bazaa

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