Friday, December 30, 2011

There are better writes out there-

Somedays I do not desire to be cryptic
Somedays I just want to elaborate myself
in broken sentence
incomplete ideas

For example,
explaining how your voice is to me

like uninvited rains
like hard bound covers
like quality literature
like 'The Double Life of Veronique'
like Surrealism
like Liverpool with Premier league, someday
like Miguel Najdorf's style
like Ingrid Bergman in Gaslight
like college street book shops
like a cashmere shawl in winters
like jaggery sondesh
like childhood memories
like world peace
like John Lennon's Imagine

And yet I find me incapable

like a slow drizzle
like dry leather
like Kafakaesque fiction
like Ray's Nayok
like escapism
like Liverpool dropping to number 7
like Boris Spassky
like A Woman called Golda
like Calcutta crowd
like minus three
like calories
like grown up failures
like Nuclear threats
like Mark David Chapman

I wish I could
write my feelings better

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