Friday, December 30, 2011

simple love-

somewhere far away the wind scales
the burning skin of the land
slowly brushing pass
and the hum can be heard clearly
like on virgin sea shores

in the mind of my mind
there is a wilderness
a sense of a haunted night
a calm river bed
and i drown

a few tiny fireflies in my eyes
that light your face
and a sense of pause exists

it is not poetry within the sensibilities of skin
there is no aftertaste of the lingering warmth
that captures us during that instance.
it is simple, straight forward and matter of factly

and shouldn't it be this way
the slow swells of your breath
just there and yet beautiful
like moon shine out of a white night cloud
bereft of the overwhelming presence of poetry
the cage of rhymes and meters
slow, enchanting, felt
and just there
forever and more

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