Friday, December 30, 2011

Making Love-

And as the night slowly fades by
like the slow burning amber
fluorescent and yet dying

I dream it to be
something like this night.
When I shall be held
by the moonlit shadows
of your face
with my moans slowly burning
on the wax of your lips.

And there is a voice
perhaps it's yours
perhaps my soul
calling our names together
as the curve of our skins
smudge into each other
and what is left
is a dripping rain of passions.

There will be no one
but the darkness
and a slow fading moon
which is privy to
what you and I have become
as whatever is left
of the ocean of our bodies
are a few salt lakes
scattered all over

Am nothing
but your wounds inflicted on me
am a kiss brushed in your sighs
am our love
and am ecstasy.

And with every warm breath
you exhale, fueling the light
of our shared pleasures
O love, you fuse life unto me.

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