Friday, December 30, 2011


That morning in his empty studio apartment
He had left a diary open with a few scribbled lines
No one knows if it was Faiz or him
He had a bad handwriting
He desired penning a book
He had recently fell in love with this too beautiful a woman
He never told anybody the full details
He was saving money recently
He was suddenly talking of monogamy and the values in society
He was reading Neruda and "Canto General" a lot these days
He wrote sad poems that lingered around
He wanted to see Liverpool win the championship again
He wanted to buy a taat'er sari for Nando'r Maa
He once had critically evaluated Garcia's
"Chronicles of a death foretold" for Vidya's literary pleasures
He sang Imagine like a bad copy of Lennon
He always read the Telegraph before he slept at nights
(That day he could not)

Ma said, there was no sun the whole day
Or her eyes were blurred all the time
Memory of that day get mixed up for her
She remembers though that she kept on looking at the door all day long,
I don't know why

When he was in school she had taught him to cross the roads
Look left and look right and look left again
He was an obedient kid
The night before the incidence he called Maa up
and before hanging up he told her that he missed her

Arghya was somewhere in Srinagar for a photographic sojourn then
Ratan wanted him to proof read his article
Shikha promised him a Brownie the next time they met
Abani still had his 'Nine Stories' unreturned
Jamini never believed that this shall be the fate
She still has his phone number saved
Biman and he took a life insurance policy just a month back
He had a plan to go to NYC with Shrijeeb that spring

He was there to leave Arghya at the railway station
Shoulders hanging, boyish grin and still making jokes
They laughed on the Monty Python that day
And before leaving he said, "Good bye Jeeves"
The moment that it happened
Arghya had just taken photograph
of a setting evening sun
And even after a year has gone by, Nilotpal still feels guilty
Just a few hours before the incidence he had told him
"You'll live till hundred. As I was just thinking of you."
But it was Veena that he was to meet that afternoon
And only she has all his nineteen poems intact
And she shall

Two people died in different road rage cases around Calcutta

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