Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shomoy Hole

Shono shedin je tram'er sathe
rasta gune
alipur road gechilam
mone aache
jokhon shishir'er hawa
mukh bhijiye chilo
aar bikel hotat eshe
jeno kono chena ochena gaan
tomar aawaj diye tule chilo.

Shono o je Jibanando'r Bonolata
aami tomay diye chilam
aajo rekhecho to ?

ki, aajo badi phera'r pothe
'tumi robe nirobe' gao?

Aami kintu aar tram line'er
eyi shohor'e thaki na,
aamar shishir to ushno hoye
ekla poth haate.

Aami je robi thakur'er chando
aar podte pari na go,
jano aapcha-aapcha lage,
ekhon aar aamar kono poth
badi fere na.

Aami aar aasha-jawa roi ni
aami sthir ekta somoy.
aajo shei alipur road'e
aik rasta'r shesh kona'e
shesher kobita hoye
tomay na peye'i dadano

shomoy pele daikha korte esho.

English Translation

(missing the original flavor)

And we walked with the tram
counting pathways and went to Alipur Road,
Do you remember that
And we watered our faces and souls
in the winters
while the evening sang a known yet unknown song
in you voice

Do you still have that Banalata Sen
of Jibananda that I gave you?

Do you still sing 'Tumi Robe Nirobe' -
(You are in the silent crevices of my heart, my beloved)
while you walk back home?

You know,
I do not live in this town of Tram lines anymore
And my winters walk alone and humid

I cannot read Tagore's verses now
They seem hazy to me, somehow
And none of my paths come back home

Now, I am not the idea of a wanderer or homecoming
I am a moment stopped
I still live in one of the streets of Alipur road
somewhere near it ends
I am shesher kobita now
(Tagore's 'last song')
I still am bereft of you

So, if time permits
do pass by someday

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