Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friday- The nameless girl

She has those eyes
that remind him of Katherine Ross, he thinks
as he goes down on her.
And she slowly sighs.
Lips twitched
She has a mysterious face
and a sunset dusk on her skin.
And he feels with her he has to be cautious,
he slows down
and so does she
but he knows he shall devour her.
And 'Hello darkness' plays

After everything he stays awake
besides her
as she asks him all those things
like his earliest memories
his dreams
his fears
childhood summer vacations
his folks
Looks at him like a child, expectantly
as he smokes
and he asks her the only question
the only thing
"Do you write?"
And doesn't wait for an answer

Closing his eyes
for a moment inbetween his drag
he feels it is still Tanima
he can smell her
as he always could
like the faintness of his own old spice on her lips
like mornings
like the fresh pages of telegraph
like the tea at Esplanade
like the water of Hoogly
like the winter breeze in Park street
like 'Purano shei diner kotha' on transistor
like reruns of Seinfeld
like 'Shesher Kobita'
like Presidency
like 2001
like only she could

And she says-" Shono Sayan,
make love to me again,
will you?"

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Divenita said...

This has such a beautiful feel to it! :D