Friday, November 11, 2011

As I See It-

This one is for you the little ones
with glee and fairies and prince's
it is strange but things shall change, no matter
the world shall not stay as it is

This one is for you of yonder
with wrinkled smiles, loneliness and frayed hair
as you walk in to the sunshine and swansongs of the day
let them know they'll be the same, only then will they be able to prepare

This one is for you the mighty ones
with the lust of power and stars
paint the world in colors of goodness
do not leave it unhelped and scar'd

This one is for you the hopefuls
with dreams, aims and desires
there shall be failures, heartbreaks and melancholy
none gets of all that he aspires

This one is for all of us the mortals
we shall not stay here all around
but let us care for the future and live in the now
within us lies possibilities of goodness
and joys, unbound

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