Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Amnesiac Thoughts (Tanima)

Almost like the left over biryani that you were to eat
for lunch that day after your tests

Salinger's unpublished writes

Dhrubo Mukherjee's epic gaffe at our convocation

The words of 'Ahom' somewhere buried near Silchur

A vague morning dream

Succharita 'The beautiful bombshell' who died in a road rage

The night we drank Jack Daniels and passed out, for a whole day

Palestinian people and their hunger

Video Cassette players and single screen theaters

The almost half read 'Far from the maddening crowd'
somewhere in the cup boards of ekdalia road, your old home

The way you looked at me during Prof. Bose's boring lectures

The lost Atlantis of our imagination

The broken button from your shirt that stuck to my kurta
while we had that botched up kiss underneath Mashima's home

and our names written together in the beach of Digha

Would we forget everything that way, Sayan.

What of our shared memories
would that be forgotten too?

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