Monday, October 24, 2011

His Diary-

Tanima told me that I was worthy of being crazy about.
She actually wanted to shout out my name off the roof.
I remained silent and looked at her.

And when she prodded told her that she was mad.
I wonder why I cannot give words to my ideas
I wonder..

PS- If I could
I would call your name
Everytime I Read Salinger
Saw Brechtian's play
Used the Najdorf variation
Speak about Engels
Listen to Beethoven's 9 on 'Ode to joy'
Talk to the four year old nando of the second floor
Spend a winter afternoon at home

Do something that moves me,
strains me,
overjoys me,
makes me smile
If I could
I would call your name quietly
whenever I view the sun set

..Or even when I exhaled.

PPS- And as you would say its bā-ˌtō-vən and not bee-tho-one

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