Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Longings and Lodgings-

the lazy warmth of a lost summer day
perches stutteringly in the branches of a broadwood tree near my home
there are no shadows left of evenings and the orange skies
just the moonless twilights live
sprinkling bits of darkness through the doors

my eyes recognize the dark
unknown of the white silences
and those days
when my soul was not roped with the desire to be stoic
where smiles still had names
and a home of bougainvilleas called me back.

but that is gone now and a subtle chill of rational resides
in the tampered nests of my heart
where there is no poetry
only the rhymless letters of my name
bereft of you
and sunrays
and nothingness

and with the approaching darkness
of winters
things move
like time

as am left with
a withering cloud,
few nameless kisses,
a broken metaphor
and your memories

and all while i long for
a forgotten summer day,
lost childhood,
and me

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