Friday, October 7, 2011

For happily ever afters-

‎[makes no sense]


For a moment just a moment
Sayantan feels that he still is with Tanima.
Stark, raving, mad
as they were always
and that he reads PGW to her
a perfectly funny anecdote in some wild country side Europe
but like the ghost Heathclif
the picture of a tall imposing Adam breaths again.
He sees London like it was always the place he was meant to live in
and not Calcutta.

Calcutta of Madhushudon,
Fort William,
Wyatt architecture,
and Tanima.


Tanima has no memory of Sayantan
or even Calcutta
for Adam knows none of it
she loves how Adam dotes on her
and how everything seems so perfect
and she still maintains
that she has never read any PGWs in her life,
I just cannot fathom them.

But somedays she thinks of an unknown ocean of a city,
that never existed
where there lives no man
and all she allows herself to think of
is a moment just a stolen moment
where he recites in all the slowness of his breaths
with each word falling to her lips

"I know 'tis but a Dream, yet feel more anguish
Than if 'twere Truth. It has been often so:
Must I die under it? Is no one near?
Will no one hear these stifled groans and wake me?"


Sayantan recites Coleridge to no one in particular
and when it rains outside his windows
he walks through "Fears in Solitude" as his only companion
and writes about a set of palms
that caught rains midway
only to splatter on his face
and he smiles.

He knows there is no blank verse better than this.
Someday he shall go back to Calcutta
like a visitor and sit around hoogly
and the slow gushing steam of silence that it is,
of all the broken verses he has,
and a torn memory of a moving picture that was,
shall move in this ocean of a city where no one now lives
but a shadow story
and a rumored remnant of a smile.

Perhaps he shall write a poem someday
a poetry that has nothing in it but blank verses
and dark tides.


Now, Sayantan packs his bags
for an ocean of a city
and a blank verse of a river
and a city sans a what if

And somewhere else
Adam sleeps peacefully
and Tanima feels his breath rising and falling.
She just woke up of a dream.
She has never been to anyplace but here she knows
but she had a dream of a river dark tide,
some rains outside windows
and an unpromised blank verse.
That never happened.

But they are just dreams
that make no sense
nothing ever happens
never did

And Adam sleeps peacefully

And they stay
Happily ever after.

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