Friday, September 9, 2011


In the stilted contours
of this virgin night
under the carpet of an almost dark, dismal sky

like an abandoned mansion
of lost splendor and erased years
I wait.

And night after night
I stay amidst the ruins of my own selves
surrounded by the wild hedges of memories
curling me like a serpent, encapsulating me
as if my shadows in the dark.

And in the hazy drapes
of those unembellished leafs of your memories
I embrace you

You are an archipelago of oasis
in an unknown desert of
far off distant humans.

The remnants of the thousand wreckage
that am left with for now
craves for the caressing solitude of your touch.

So that I live
unlike the rumor of a dream,
like forgotten love,
like a drowned wistful yearning of a man
that I am now

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manali said...

last duto stanza osadharon...