Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back & Forth, along-

I have seen long shadows of evening
fall out of the eyes of cloud.
I have measured spoonful of happiness
in the open bottle of sunrise
I have smelt the approaching winters
midst the yellow grasses of a lonely
lake side.
And all along I have tried
to write poetries that rhyme with your name

I have walked through plateaus of breezy wind
and dark mangroves
where rains wash away memories
and yet I spell words
redolent of this muted distance that we share.
Mindful of every second
that I have longed for your voice.

While fleetingly
in the curtained windows of future
I have caressed the corners of your face
through my fingers
reliving all that is
but yet to be felt,
and desired between us.

And the touches of your skin on my senses tell me that
there can be no poetry that rhymes with your name
and our separation
that I have to sew you in the realm of reality
for some poem to flow.

And as I carve you, poem-less
Sometime soon
a kosher day shall halt lazily to stay with us.
Veritable with chestnut hues
and whispering mornings
and you
and me
to make up for all the days
that crowd into this lost moment of my love


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manali said...

couldnt have asked for a better read..this warm sultry evening in paris.... you are truly something shekhar :)