Friday, July 8, 2011

Of what must not be left un-said-

Someday soon
Between you and me
I shall write an oasis of words

They shall be
as soft as
the palm of your hands
and as soulful as the notes
of your dulcet voice.

And somewhere there in between
I shall garden an island
where the sun rises in your temples
twilight dawns on your eyes
And the night draws
in the duskiness of your embraces
warming itself through your breaths on me
a country of unending springs
and slow drizzle of rains

I shall make it our home
where we live through time.

...And for now while we sit together
in our own cultivated dreams
underneath the tired moon
and a half drawn portrait
of a black-blue sky
that drapes us together
in our solitary different worlds.

I would like you to know
That the slowly calling dawn
Is just a beginning