Thursday, July 14, 2011

If Only-

Shagorika is prettier than the evening clouds, says Rajeeb.
And thinks of the black-hazel eyes

Shagorika likes Rajeeb too.
He is the only guy she knows who will never question her choices.
He knows what it actually means to feel something you read.
He can sketch her writings into its natural tenable meanings.
He can be quite yet make her feel normal.
He can catch her back when she has meandered too far.
He can listen to her cry at Two in the night and not say anything.
He is the only guy in Calcutta she can call as a friend.

You are what I would like to make me someday, Shagorika says.

Shagorika is simple, quite, charming yet sometimes intimidating.
She dislikes reading romances.
Though she loves good literature and Darjeeling tea and hates rains.
She keeps a diary but no one knows not even Rajeeb
She can face the world alone but sometimes just sometimes-
-She wants to lie down sleeping the whole day and not meet a human.
She wants Rajeeb to be happy.

For Rajeeb, she is what Calcutta this unknown city is all about.
For he knows he loves her.
As she wishes she would too.

.....And all while in her diary she writes-

"If only you came five years earlier.

If only I was not battle scarred and wounded.

If only love was just a word.

If only..."


Divenita said...

He can be quite yet make her feel normal.

You meant "quiet"

This was one of your best till date. Now i know why they say, write names, be specific. It hits your direct, dil par.

Arnav said...

very nice plot ..

we do sometimes actually lot of times think - If only ....

and some people come in our life right when we did not expect or want them .. but they do create a whole different world for us . A world full of happiness and we should live that life so even if the timing does not seem right if the person is right we should go for him/her ..

manali said...

She nodded her head for her momentary denial.
the battle scars were not of a mighty love lost
it was a weekend over summer , spent with Leo Tolstoy.
Love hurts and it fades. She thought of his bright eyes.
It made her smile. How long till they made her cry?
If only the other man a hundred years back thought of love
To be more peace than war.
If only...she sighed and signed her name in the diary..

(Oh yes the great geniuses of the literary world can maim innocent souls)