Saturday, July 9, 2011


And she does not look up
but keeps a guarded look at his movements
...he has an Ok walk
but his voice is not exactly
the way she had it thought of
and the way Maa is smiling
he might as well have been Sinatra.

And then
when everybody suddenly evaporates
of the room in an awkward moment
he tells her- "Aapni shundor"
and coyly smiles
She says-" Have you read, Wuthering heights?"
A question that fills him
with the a strange expression
a question that seems
perfectly normal to her
and he says slowly
disappointed at himself-" Naa."

Later Maa asks how was he?
And she says nothing.

And she looks at him
as if for the first time
removing betel leaves
for the shubho drishti
and he smiles at her
she instinctively smiles back
and the whole process is a blur after that.

He thinks she is the most beautiful thing on earth
She has not thought much

In their room
after he finally gets in
she has already slept
tired, drained
and he slowly caresses her
through his eyes
and smiles as she enters his life

They have been to their honey moon in Italy
and she knows
that he can carry her home
while she has had one drink too many,
that he has cleaned the whole drawing room
where she puked it all out,
that he can make anti-hang over coffee
and looks at her smilingly
while she gulps it,
that he hums slow Robindro Songeet
while they walk together in Turin
and in one motion of his arm cover her up
when they cross the road.
That he patiently listens
while she explain Sistine Chapel to him
That when she has those bouts
where she misses her Maa-Baba a bit too much and cries
he sits next to her patiently
and offers a glass of water.
That he can practically handle
any electronic appliance and repair it.
That he is reading Wuthering Heights at nights
while she sleeps
beneath his pillow is open page 153.
That he will not touch her
until she feels alright about it.

And they return back from their trip from Italy.
Their marriage yet virgin.

And after their first office party since wedding
she does not feel altogether joyous.

And neither would she talk to him
while they return
and he says
in the same way he said
Aapni Shundor..
'Ki Holo'?
but she would not budge.

She sits quietly
looking outside
and remembers Mrs Mehta's slow taps
on his shoulders every time he said something funny.
Were they even funny?

She knows after their first meeting
that Mrs Mehta is despicable
and Mr. Mehta should keep an eye on her.

She looks at him with those cupcakes
of her eyes and says,
in full throttle anger
"Shono, ..I love you"

He smiles..and says..
"I know"

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manali said...

this will have to be recited on my podcast! will you do the honours or does it have to be my mundane voice again? :D