Thursday, April 28, 2011

Inspirations and Loves-

And now she sees herself
Meandering through pages
Well formed into words and very descriptive
Almost with Tolstoyic authority
Though with beauty that was never hers
She watches herself crawl out of the book
And glimpses of Anna Karenina in her
Head strong but funny
Guileless yet smart
And better read than she ever was
She makes the hero fall in love with her
Over and over again.
Like she did years ago
With a real man
And not the chief protagonist.

And he told her
That I shall make you immortal in time
And we shall live together
Slave of pages
As I need your inspiration more than your love.
And she laughed then.

She closes the book
And stays there for a moment while thinking
That life unlike books
Is always imperfect
Before retiring to her bed.
And in the end they live happily ever after.

Somewhere faraway
He too is reading his book
And midway he stops to think
Of the woman he sculpted
And smells her in the pages
Caresses her physically and waves through her-
I wish she was an imperfect fiction, he thinks
And drowns in the happiness of his smarts and pains.