Monday, April 11, 2011

In a Moment -

And with every breath
a fragile moment ceases
and in this moment
I leave a thought
and catch a new one
a little breeze flows by
swamped by a windfull of them
a few leaves grown yellow fall
and in a distant space somewhere in mind
an almost forgotten memory crawls

Things change unseemly
like a blink of eyelids
a gulp of a bitter black coffee
a small twitch in your hands
as you remove mine
and a small heartbeat misplaced
unnoticed by any machine.

And in the next moment
I smile a little
the facade begins
you play with your fingers
looking at the ground
and both of us count
all the passing seconds
in the growing density between
now and then.

In a moment
acknowledged not
we grow a million miles away.
Just a moment stays
Just a moment stays

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