Friday, March 4, 2011

Sly Ole’ Son Of a Gun-

Nilotpal is deep into Shrabonti

like the toy that you so wanted to buy as a kid but could not somehow

Nilotpal starts in his mind one, two, three

and only if she will look at me by the count of five, he sighs

unlike any film that he has seen, she never does

Tonight Nilotpal will give up on food again and also his daily peg of single malted scotch

He does that on days he sees her standing in the bus stop

Tonight he will write a half baked poem again and dream of kissing her

like that actor kissed that girl in the movie he saw last Saturday, with tongues and all.

He shall tell her that he is all love if only she will look at him once.

And prima facie he is not fat or a poet but just in love

Shrabonti is down and depressed

his guy is not answering her calls once more

why does love need to be so damn complicated

if only she could get off all her responsibilities

and just swim like she desires at times

if only she would be loved the way she would like to be

if only he would French kiss her and tongue

and at such moments she wants

to go out and sleep with the next guy she meets

some stranger without inhibitions perhaps

perhaps that guy, that guy she occasionally sees on the bus-stop

and now she wonders about the contours of Nilotpal’s face but only momentarily

then realizes it would all be just a facade just a revenge on her guy,

nothing else.

But she knows

Tomorrow she will be far more forthright at the stop

Tomorrow she will look at him and smile a bit

just for the dignity to her own thoughts

Nilotpal is sleeping and in his dreams Shrabonti looks at him.

He wakes up startled and thinks of how he is wasting all his thoughts on a girl

He knows nothing about.

He will now get his life straight.

Shrabonti for her sake shall muddle his life again.


And far off in another world I hum along-with Ella Fitzgerald-

"It's that ole devil called love again

Gets behind me and keeps giving me that shove again

Putting rain in my eyes

tears in my dreams

and rocks in my heart.

It's that sly old son of a gun again."

And laugh off.

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