Monday, March 14, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Lost Day-

Am not the fondest of summers
the sun sings much too loudly these days
its symphony of lost moments in fire

The pavements cry
with a wilted sigh
and melt into the moments of a mirage

The evenings are the little children
that annoy and take you back to all lost moments
where smile was the flavor of every air you breathed in

And unknowingly you walk on to the roads
of the old city
where you ran along running buses
and sat beneath mango tress

And I lose the thread of time slowly
how did we let it go?
how did we let us wither?
like the snowflaked caps of a distant land of desires

The snow bled away and the summers stayed
but sometime just sometimes
the sun gets lost
while it rains
a slow hymn
of lost love

dripping and filling life
into a little daisy
called midsummer night’s dreams
far away
far far away

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