Sunday, March 13, 2011

In My Time of Dying-

A lazily laid out Goanese summer slept through
amidst the saltwater sleep inducing breezes
as the eternally awake sun peeped into the black glassed windows
and he jokingly said- "Look at it, the voyeur bloody fire ball."
Mitchell looked outside Nikhil's open and her closed eyes for the first time
feeling strangely uncomfortable as if, as if it really was watching her.
Thinking for the first time of her unabashed half naked body
And smiled-" Thankfully I still have clothes on some of them."
And Nikhil tore open the last remnants of lingerie from Mitchell.

The sun meanwhile outside her windows looked on
it had seen Nikhil waiting for two hours outside the villa
and when everybody went
he thudded at her doors seven times before she opened
all the while knowing who was out there.
The door opened and she slapped him
and he with all the brute force held inside for hours and days now
kissed her and she slapped him and he kissed her and again and again
after four repetitions of this
she finally forced herself on him
for the next twelve minutes they made love
we know this as the music player played "In My Time Of Dying" start to finish
though the time felt way less than the mentioned length but way more exhilarating
mostly because the connotations of the song
and the fact that she was about to be married to Edward

Now he says- " Let us elope. Let us get married."
and she looks at him and smiles, wordlessly says-" It is impossible, you know."
Nikhil thinks of the bespectacled and short but undeniably good looking Edward
who shall exchange vows with her tomorrow
and do whatever he just did now to her
but that would be sanctified wouldn't it.

Nikhil pierces his face into her
tasting the Goa seas in her body
and she on her part thinks
that she shall not see the sunrise tomorrow
and this must, must be painfully alive
sapping the bitterness out of life.

And sun leaves.
In a while Nikhil too will
with a promise to get away from all of it tomorrow
and she shall break another promise tonight.
She knows he will die inside and the sun doth lives on endlessly

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