Thursday, March 31, 2011

As the summer walks by-

In the baked nights of a melted April,
we shared a moon together
through the balcony of my heart

and a wind
with the salted waters and the burnished sun touched us
emotions poles apart like ours.

In my hands through your fingers
you drew rains and some love.
How we spent all those nights
quietly, surreptitiously into each other.

And now the Chrysanthemums have faded
and what remains is a dream half cooked.

You wanted a dream,
a dream to live
and I was a burnt log of summer
I held only ashes in my wilted palms.

Still through the left over meandering summer
into the hollow balcony I rummage through
perhaps to find you and rains and some love, I fail

You know
I Still look for the moment
when I let you go.

1 comment:

Divenita said...

:) The entire poem is so lovable..But I loved the first few lines and the last three too!