Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tumi Aamar Moner Moton-

Tumi aamar moner moton,
kintu tumi shey to naa.
Tumi to shriti'r bagan'e
krishnochura ekti phul.

Aami tomaye ronge gondhe prem korbo.
Aalo'r moton opekkhakrito thakbo
tobe phul tulbo na.
Shokal'er aalo shudhu amaar jonne to nei.

Aami jani tumi shey na
Aami jani eita prem na


You are like my soul's song
But you are not her
You are a daisy in the garden of my memories
You are a delonix

I shall love you in colors and smells
And await you like the morning lights
Though shall not displume you,
you are not meant too
The morning light is not just for me, dear.

I know you are not her.
I know this is not love, that I crave for.

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