Monday, February 7, 2011

Oft Adultery-

It was before I became Dr. Mukherjee- One of the strictest professor in Calcutta University

Also known among students as the ol’ hag with cats

Before I had troubles walking up to your Park Circus flat by stairs fourth floor

Before you started calling me the eternal spinster

Before I got a gold medal in MA from Calcutta University and later a Phd

For my thesis on Enid Blyton’s work and its effect on the children

Before I read Albert Camus and understood that happiness is fleeting

Before my first kiss

Before I knew what love was

Before I turned sixteen

That was the time when I met you

And I started loving-

Rains and its tiny drops on my face

And good books and rhyme free poetry

And men with a taste in literature

And a sip of the Pinot Noir wine after nine past fifteen, your gift

And your occasional taps on my hairs and shoulders but platonic

And the way you love Di with all your heart

And sang-“Fools Rush In” on your anniversaries

And your recently gained oft repeated three Kgs

And all of you

You came smelling all Old Spice Lagoon

You sat eating nothing amidst a plethora of edibles

I had read pride and prejudice then

And we had seen your pictures before you

You were soft spoken, a little hurried while talking

Cute in a dusky Bengali sort of way with a baritone which did not quite fit in

And even your lame attempts at humor made me smile

You were the quintessential Mr. Darcy to me

Who came for the wrong sister

And then

You asked me- Do I know Noddy or have heard Blyton

I could not say anything

After a while I said “Elizabeth” and you must’ve thought I was queer

Later you said that I was blushing as if I came to see you

I wish you did

And it was then I decided that I shall read all of Enid Blyton

And even now

At this moment

Looking at you unconscious

After your first heart attack

I can still see what made me love you

And I wish


And relive all your gentle taps on me

Hold my crying sisters hand a little more tighly

Thinking of how I am a frequent adulterer

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