Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mere AfterwordS-

Tanima lives happily with Adam somewhere in Milan.
We shall not go to exact location, a privacy thing.
But somewhere is information enough.
Adam writes poetry almost with the same vigor which made her like him.
He writes more romance now.
She lives less romance now, perhaps.

Sayantan has only read one poem throughout his life.
And that one was the puffed eyed girl called Tanima.
And he still re-reads her in his mind at times.

Tanima thinks about that almost love that she had with Sayantan, at times.
With closed eyes and tight fists.
For Adam, Sayantan is perhaps some demi-god in Hindu pantheon to whom Tanima talks to at night.
Tanima does not know that she sleep talks.

She and Adam make love every alternate night as Adam stays busy these days.
On other nights she cuddles up Sayantan in her mind and talks.
Closed eyes, tight fists.
For sayantan life must be a lot more than a PhD from NYU.
And that lot more is just the five feet tiny palms-Tanima.
He has met a few girls with those looks and the same tastes but they are mere caricatures for her.
He has insomnia.

Adam is working on a new book called Love and Paraphernalia’s.
Tanima is still that cute brown skinned girl that makes him truly international.
He loves her though, he thinks.
She loves him though, she knows.
Closed eyes tight fists.

Tanima still maintains that year with Sayantan was just a ‘rebound thing’.
She says this with tight fists and closed eyes.
For Sayantan things stopped that night in Bombay Airport.
For Sayantan there is no afterword.

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