Tuesday, January 11, 2011

His Best Stories

As they say
It rained on that windy day
Cold winds and a colder heart
They took their vows of never being apart.
At the old cathedral across the meadow
Underneath an unknown writer's phantasmal shadow

And in distance he sat
Short, round, bespectacled and fat
Looking at the woman the would be wife
The answer to all the pain
Of his spectral souls strife
Ans all the love of his failed life

On the night with the winds knocking on his door
He wrote a story of a wedding on a sunny shore
Where a woman kissed a man monocle
And since they lived happily ever after
-He called the story
"The same wall a little mend"
His stories unlike him
Always had a happy end

1 comment:

sweety said...

Really nice :)!!
Wondered why it got over so quick