Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All Things-

Of all things
Sicilian defense,
Sunday afternoons,
The Ninth Symphony,
The Voluptuous Mrs Chaterjee of the fourth floor,
Caucasian Chalk Circle
And Amy Goodman
Of all things said and done
I fell for you.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Failed Foreplays

-“Some moments like endless nights,
Nights bereft of days humiliated by the moonless sky
And all that is dark stay.”

Rippon Street- The third floor
when you are over
with your daily chore

Breathe and let go off a heave
think of those days
of rainbow skies, marmalade eyes,
and a lifetime of sighs.

We held hands; pecked
letting silence reign over us
it was December all over again
perhaps the Christmas week.
Snows in Darjeeling
Of madras rain.

And for that moment,
just then
be meek.
Think of me
and that ‘almost kiss’
in your garage
let some pleasure reek.

- Was it an awful almost kiss?
She says.

-“Some moments like endless nights,
Nights bereft of days humiliated by the moonless sky
And all that is dark stay.”

And round and round You go
round and round them
and more…

Friday, December 17, 2010

Insert Poetry

On days of sudden surges she’s Scarlet o’ hara or Rebeca .

Mostly she can be any of Kana Mitra, Shiuli Das or Moon-Moon.

On those days she writes poetry like Keats.

Only that she likes Byron or Neruda more, she confirms.

And all her poems make her cry of which only I have been privy to

Like a spectator though, not a participant.

-“These poems are what resonate in my mind on most days in work”.

-“Not that there is anything else to think of” I chide

-“Not much time to think too” she laughs.

I don’t know her exact name. I don’t know her most.

I doubt it has something to do with P as that tattoo shall suggest you too.

I know though that her birthday is on Sixteenth June and her mother died that day some years later.

She has no history as she jokes, only a succession of presents.

But she loves history.

She once recited ‘Cleopatra’s Date Tonight’ one of her writes, a comedy this time on one of her playful days.

She loves Italian food and Roshogolla.

She is a closet communist. Fantasizes Che Guvera

She reads quality literature and has hard bound covers of many.

Her favorite book is little woman.

She has been Bonolata Sen for me on one of such days.

She loves me for my love of good literature and women, only platonically though she maintains.

She has those eyes like unexpected evening rains and can speak fluent Bengali if she wishes too.

With a voice like an early winter morning or raspberry.

She has a mole in the right side.

Her smile is all what I wanted to be ten years ago but could not.

She is all my failures conglomerated.

She offers the best blow-job in town. She is client satisfaction guaranteed.

And according to a very learned customer, a poetry to enter too.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Living Death Wish-

and if I am allowed
a death wish
held -
it shall be
drop of your smile as my epitaph
sprinkle of your eyes felt on me
in the soil beneath
my hand held in your hands, eternal
will let you breath in me.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around-

Tania shall never know that Birat loved her since the eighth grade.
She is mostly confused between Birat and Shantanu and who’s who they are always together
She does not know that he just looks at her throughout the class and it has been the way from school to college.
Nishtha and Rajeev have been making love since the last two hours
And Rajeev is still thinking about that chance encounter with Prodipta.
She has been in his mind ever since- walking stealthily, not recognizing him, talking to that newspaper guy and naked.
He loved her during college but she was a classified bitch

Suchishmita is still waiting for Rajeev to come and pick her from office and he is as usual late
She wonders how much has Rajeev changed but then relaxes thinking he gave her flowers last week
Rajeev picks her up and is still guilt ridden
His flowers for Nishtha were seen by Suchi in the back of car
He had to pretend they were for her
He thinks she might have a clue that he is having an affair
It’s just undressed passion he knows
She blabbers all the way just to ease herself up
Rajeev has just Prodiptas face in his mind, aargh!
Nishtha still does not know if she loves Rajeev or if even he loves her
She is reading original Romeo-Juliet these days

It’s France and Shantanu is walking through Lyon
He has never been that lonely
He thinks about Suchishmita, Birat and College Street
Suchishmita is his brother Rajeev’s wife, but he can’t stop thinking about her
Birat wrote a poem ten years ago for Tania
And is still waiting for a sign from her that she too loves him
Tania never fell for a guy since higher secondary

“Let me look at your eyes
A drawn white light
Like my name on your lips O love
Make me breath in the paradise.”

Shantanu loves Suchi boudi
Since the day he came back from that trip to Kodaikanal
And he saw Nishtha in Rajeev’s arms
He never told Suchi Boudi
But since then everytime she smiles at Rajeev
It kills him. And he loves her more

Prodipta cannot love ever since her father did that to her
Tania thinks Prodipta acts ways to cocky
Prodipta never talks of her family. Even during Christmas holidays
Tania thinks she looks like Sophia Loren with her curling eyelashes
Tania thinks a lot about her
Prodipta knows intuitively that Tania loves her and she doesn’t mind
She is Kolkata and all that is calm
She can write the best romantic poems
She strangely does not hate her dad.

Unlike Nishtha who has never written a poem albeit one
That too with me. Many years ago in Digha
She is not afraid of heart breaks
She is the best cook I have ever known
I sleep at her place whenever I feel like
I have seen her in that blue night gown gifted by Rajeev
I have seen her in my dreams
I know Rajeev is just a passing fancy
I wish I had loved her.
I wish…