Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let it flow

Life flows-

Like winters underneath the quilts

legs stretched and thoughts too,

with the vanilla smell of the newly washed covers and home.

Morning sun through your windows

drenching the face,

coffee and the newspaper

to watch through the balcony.

And to walk the greens in the evenings

through leaves-

dead yellow and brown

with strange unexplained smell

and stranger sounds resonating somewhere far

of what you shall never know.

Now only those leaves seem alive.

But winters go, you leave home.

The poem that you wrote

with each words written and rewritten

and then read aloud

to make it sound perfect

but torn

not to let anybody else see you in them

to hide yourself

in all those myriad personalities

you weave for yourself and you shall be.

Like the words that once filled life

names that were not true and yet were

like people who gave it to you

saccharined and all

inducing smiles.

But those words

ran to be heard by someone

you would never know and still envy.

Some dreams.

felt but forgotten

seen and touched

with lingered smiles

concatenating truth and a lot of fiction

that you think of years down the line

but dreams of just that night

mortal bright.

And it shall walk away too,

like the tiny fragments of moments

that zip pass

no matter

what thread you tie

to pull them back

to stick to

to grow into you

it shall .

Life flows, does it not.

Love is just a word afterall.


Purvi said...

Loved loved loved it! U never stop to amaze.. :)

Ashk said...

I could so connect to the flow of words...specially the part where u told about "the words written,rewritten,read aloud to be perfect"...


Richa said...

I read too much into it. :(

sweety said...

Liked it a lot :)

flowed like life