Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shakespearean Tragedy Carved In Thee

And talkless come to me; like a flotsam through waves, comes ashore in night,

Love, like a moon loves the skies, quietly, through eyes, refulgent bright.

For once let not the veneer of words

Take away the opalescence

That is created by our silence, colored in gray.

Let that be ephemeral, our love

A fleeting love story.

Be in love, then loose each other,

Sundering the life force of the poetry.

Let me founder into senility,

From the dreams of my words

In between the lines eek thyself to me,

Turn into me; let me create thee in a Shakespearean tragedy.


anjali said...

god dammn..
you are too good.

commited to life said...


i just love reading ur blogs
they get etched into the memory foe eevr

raj87 said...

Thanks a lot.. :)

Anonymous said...

:) Wah wah!!

Kya baath hain