Monday, July 12, 2010

You In Me

And on nights, all nights
Our lives twine.

When you
Smiling, Stroking,
Rest on my shoulders, lie on me
Just like you used to,
Quietly, surreptitiously.
..I am in love with silences now.

Enclosing your hands in me,
I hold the fragments of air
In my palms.
They exist,
They persist.

And uninterrupted we stay
In the quietness around
Quietly we talk,
We mime love.
Like the winds,
Like the skies.

Whenever I smile,
Find you near
all while.

And you smile too, at me.
You breathe still, within me.

You are near me, here.
Close, nigh.

I know, can breathe you
I am certain.
I am You.

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razzle said...

splendid one.....awesome