Saturday, July 3, 2010

Forgetting You

You know, you don't
frighten me now.

I can draw your face in air
can even look at you ,
and stand still, both at once,
many more things, free from troubles
o love, i can now do

i have your photograph, just one
underneath my pillow
Goa somehow looks better,
with the summer sun breathing down
and you to accomapny it
warm, still mellow.

you are not into my thoughts
not more than a paasing phrase
like a man who is unknown but familiar
like teddy,
of the nine stories,
or rime of an ancient mariner

I have let go of you, o love
all of you..

the way you looked at me,
of your fragrance
me not bathing with cuticura
is perhaps an evidence

how you called me,
through your lips
with a certain pause,sinusoidal.
am mispronounced here, forever.
its better though, my name through them
would'nt let me plunge deeper

how you brushed
barring a few strands
all your hair back
nothing holds me now,
nothing is that beautous o love,
am like a river, but slack.

your poems are buried
to be lost into memories
all of them, but few,
just those i remember by word
and with time i shall, erase them
i shall forget them too

strangely dear
i dont have coffee now,
two spoonfuls all
you gave it me with
these days seems
bitter somehow.

but am happier now.
as i don't
think of you.

its just that sometimes
when it rains
you talk to me,

and i hear you saying,
whenever it rains
wherever you are
think of the drops
as if they are me
making love to you.

trust me, i don't.


You know, how easily
i've forgotten you.

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