Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Woman All The While

Colours draped all around her
as she untangles her hairs
letting them be
she looks on to the horizon far away
perhaps in a dream.

Expressions on a swing, alternating
with each passing moment
as now she smiles
with eyes drooping down
and lips curled in unknown glees
making it all the more mysterious,
a ploy at your knees.

As the evnings turn pink
and they blush like a bride
through her eyes,
and she catches
all the falling breeze
at her face
to look at her
maybe it is to see love
she knows.

And a drop flows
through her eyes
as a solitary bird on the sky flys
and she looks at it thinking
of its loss and lonliness
wiping her tears
to make the clouds smile
she has been a woman all while.

..she has been a woman all while..

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