Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Then the poet shall live

Pen me, a poem
few colours, some rains.

Through your smiles,
the colour of your eyes,
drops passed by
your lips, kissed
and with a sigh.

Gift me a morning
with just you in sight
all shadows fallen
separations aside...

..A poem wordless but drawn,
into the whites of our love.

Colours none, but
of the first green leaves
and of eternity
through the endless sky above.

Rains just as music
with the song of glee
an opera with a happy end
the story you and me.

The morning would be
covered in a promise
made of my breaths
holding you within me
bereft of any mortal deaths.

Assure me holding my hands,
all of them in your pen and more
shall you give.
Smile to me, and caresse me with them,
Then the poet shall live.

..Then the poet shall live..

1 comment:

sidrajafri said...

The poet should live :P

Enlighten me some adjectives please :)