Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunset In Serengeti

the red floral sari,
a fading lipstick
of almost the same colour,
Darkness engulfed, fragrant hairs
and You.
... Almost with Photoshopped perfection

But those eyes were the ones
Which held me back,
..and I..
kept on looking,
at them, at you
slightly drooping,
light brown and thick eyelashes,
little moist and a lot more dreamy
they reminded me of evenings.
..Orangish evenings, sprinkled with tranquility.

Of an evening watching the sunset,
Somewhere far away in Serengeti
Along the african plains
serene, breezy, warm..Untouched
and an antelope hops away through the sun
but all of it were in your eyes,
..Perhaps it was love at first sight. Through your eyes

I have never been to Serengeti,
Nor do I wish to,
But have seen it
.. Waking up next to me every morning..

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ziya said...

who is she?............or is something personafied