Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Your eyes, they run
all over me,
and then stop there
always there.
and on moments, few moments
when I am fragile,
I hide myself
slowly closing my eyes.

In a crowded place
your looks freeze me, or you
I haven't yet known..
When I walk
with a perfctly crafted stroll
with my head-hung
and no matter how unsung
you make way for me
as if
as if
..I do am a bomb.

Your blaming eyes
they trace me,
trying to hold me convict,
of crimes undone
just once
to quench their moral thrist
you make me alien
I know then
..we are not one.

It happens everywhere, everytime
as you are fed on the wrong me
and then your eyes feed me too.
When you bow me down
make me low.
How can I feel protected
..Anywhere but my ghetto.

Your eyes
they try and evoke
a certain guilt in me,
I smile then,
innocent you.
..A Strange pride fills me.

Your eyes, they run
all over me,
and then stop there
always there.
.. For I am named Ahmed
Or May be of my Beard..


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commited to life said...


so strong emotions in such simple words

very well said