Saturday, June 19, 2010


Picture 5

You were to leave for london
and had to reapply for the passport,
you look a little older
and your eyes seem a little swell.
Perhaps you did not sleep well.
You are wearing this unlikely yellow,How??
Its strange that they do not make people
smile for passports, strange.

I recieved your message,
Just before the airlines announced for departure,
It said Goodbye and a smiley.
I remember that I couldn't smile though,
I tried.

I don't remember
how I have this picture but I do..

..But I don't have you.

Picture 4

It was totally out of context,
It's at your home sometime in december
a few years ago,
It was Sharmishtha
your little sis's engagement
and we were a little late,
I wasn't at home for last two days
and you wanted to go together and called me up.

This picture has you
in a maroonish sari with golden hues,
You had started to gain little weight
and the smile almost looks madeup
but then who can forget
that you were the Drama Champ in JNU.

I almost hated you for this picture
but kept quite.
How can we be so prepostrous to smile
for a picture when we...

We never did talk
all the while there, did we?
To look at it now still look worthy of the name Cleopatra.

Picture 3

On our anniversary,
this picture was taken
in Mumbai near Tara road.
I believe we went to Marriot that night
and into Enigma because you insisted.

I can see the cool sea breeze
letting your hair fly
you look at the camera
the way you looked at me then,
the eyes of Love.

I remember you saying,
"Don't act like an oldie
and you kissed me inside the Enigma."
Beside Richard Marx was singing
"Right Her Waiting.."
I almost fell in love again.

You wore this Cyanish shaded top.
How cloth concious you were
your dress radiates sea.

We had a small fight
that evening for me being late
on our anniversary.

..Perhaps we made love that night.

Picture 2

JNU campus Delhi,
You stand besides a peacock.
Remember we posted this picture
in our wedding album
calling it the queen of Aravali
or was it the queen of Ridge?
You have both your hands towards me
and you were mouthing I love you baby
while we were taking this picture,

the light green kurta
goes so well with the Campus green.
You had won
a University level Dramatics thing
Kallol it was,I guess.

The picture is crumpled
but you still radiate yourself through it.
You remind me of Anne Bancroft here
perhaps more beautiful.

..Remeber How I couldn't let go of you then, But I did...

Picture 1

This picture is black and white
and it has no connection with me
but I have it
you were ten years old then
Baba holds your hands
and you wore polka dots,perhaps red.
Its in your old home at Saltlake.

You look so happy,
I had promised to give you the same happiness
all through our life, this way
on our wedding night
and you had just cried and smiled into my arms.

In this picture you smile
the same way you did
while inacting Portia
and winning the best actress award
at kallol in JNU,
you lost that smile
somewhere between this and London.

You didn't know you would loose it, did you?
when we first met at JNU,
when i called you cleopatra,
my own cleopatra and you smiled,
when we held hands
and spent our evenings at Haze,Delhi.
I still have that smile of yours with me...

I do...

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pringles said...

I really found this poem very very interesting and the pictures taht were sharpest were the 5th, 2nd and Ist one.. I guess d cameraman ould have focussed a lil more in the oder ones.. ;)All in all, a very picturesque realtionship portrayal.. :)