Sunday, June 20, 2010

On nights, like tonight

Not always
but on nights, like tonight
I think of the road,
the road which
opened the door to my hut,
the road on which
I ran and it smiled
and when the first rains
bathed it,
I overjoyed in its aroma.
..How once
it let me fly.

Not always
but at moments like these
I feel alone,
that dreams left me,
and I think of the hopes I once had,
simple hopes, simple feathers,
Hopes of a good day
and a good harvest not much.
..On such nights
I know I was abducted, of them.

On nights like these
I see the stars shiver,
shudder from a loss
and I see the moon
as a platter, an empty platter.
..Just like the metaphorical one
I was left with.

And then I think of my hamlet, my land
which they desired and took,
I think of how I releneted
all of us did,
I think of them
and their own moral stances..
..Of how
I am still an invisibel to them.

On nights like these,
I travel in time
into generations
and see the faces of all my blood
and how they smiled,cried,married and died
of how their smiles were excavated
and my past taken away,
my ore purloined.
..Such nights,
I promise to again be,me.

At times like now,
I think of the letterless us,
Ignorant and lost and depraved
and how we are named
philosopher and revolutionary and danger.
It is then that I chuckle
and the bullets within me hurt.
..I hold my gun
all the more tightly.

Not always
but on nights like these,
I hear a song, resonating,
a song I heard
long ago,
of reclaimed dreams
reborn hopes
and rescued respect
and then on nights like these
I smile, just smile.
..Preparing myself
for battles in the morning and ahead.

And on nights like these
the road opening the doors
to my home
lets me sleep into her arms
in a dream
and sings a lullaby.
..Into my sleep
winged I fly.

..On nights, like tonight..

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sidrajafri said...

It just made me sad :(