Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Of Kolkata, -Linklater, -Kafka, -Bergman, -London And Their Love


- " A City must have a character,
this is..
What I call character..
It's perfect.Just that"

-" I call it colonial hangover and nothing else,
besides character and history.
A city should have some pride..
It's not what I would call perfect.
Don't you think."

-" There are something’s
out of the reach of your nut-sized brains.
You won't get them Asit.."

and Asit laughed looking at Rituparna,
As she kept looking on..
at the structure,
then horizon and him.
She just smiled.

The sun was setting on, a building, a marvel
called Victoria memorial in Kolkata
and the orange hued canvass
almost matched with rituparna's orange kurta..

Asit looked at her and thought..

And she just looked at the panorama,
the setting sun,the structure, he and her.
How could it not be that.. Perfect..

It was.. Just that..
But he wouldn't understand..


Before Sunrise by Richard Linklater

-" Why do they need to meet after an year,
if they love each other they should just
get together.

-" Because love
is not just about whims and fancies
and the spur of moment
it requires time and as for you Asit Majumdar
time is a rare commodity.
But some people can afford time
atleast for love.
It’s still called being pragmatic. "

Asit laughed as he always did
and Rituparna just carried on
looking at the movie
but somewhere in her mind she knew
he was laughing and looking at her
and that distracted her.

She just hollered, “You Idiot.."
and he laughed even more.

She made a face,
she smiled inside.


-" Its Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis.. "

-" You are an escapist
and you’re a sad person.."

-" No, I am a thinker,
I think and that
makes you afraid of me."

She looked at him
And said again

-" Literature actually makes you calmer
and somehow practical.
Asit, its like soul food.
Like love..
it makes you better
and healthier somehow.."

-" You my friend are strange.."

She did not utter a word..
He somehow felt
she looked so beautiful
when she's vexed.

She loved it when they
argued at such things.


Frankland ,

'As time goes by'
the exact place where Ingrid Burgmen enters
for the first time
and after a while says,
" Play it Sam.."

Asit was looking at the motions
Horrifyingly and alone in London.

And then he realized
that you have to meet again
then you understand love,
Because love is not just about
whims and fancies
and the spur of moment it requires time..

And Sam plays,
Dooley Wilson sings

" It's still the same old story
A fight for love and glory
A case of do or die.
The world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by.

Oh yes, the world will always welcome lovers
As time goes by."

In Kolkata,
It rained that night...

Waters and Tears..


- " Hi Ritu..
Do you think of me.."

-" I have the paper to complete
deadline is hanging on my head.
Moreover you'll be in London
for years and if I start thinking
about all of it.

I'd just be sad..
I have to be pragmatic..
I do think of our college and
all the fun. But seriously
I am busy, Asit."

...In Frankland Road London,
the evening was slowly walking by
and the night sky was pregnant
with coming rains
a few drops had already started falling
and he was looking at all of it
through his apartments windows,
with a hard bound copy of Amerika,
he felt like Karl Rossman in New York
only it was London.
He managed a smile.
He loved rains.

Though if looked closely
the book in between the lines,
"A movement without end,
a restlessness transmitted
from the restless element
to helpless human being
and their works!"

had five drop of tears
two among them were
between words -helpless humans.

...And in Kolkata
Rituparna Mukherjee was alone in her room
packing, some things.

she had finally accepted
to be seen by, Debashish's family..
So she was to get ready for it,
but right now
she had something important
and practical to do..

She was making a bundle
and it constituted,
A photograph crumpled and cried upon
taken in front of Victoria memorial,
The Movie DVD of "Before Sunrise"
which she saw twenty seven times,
her Kafka collection,
A few old cards,
some poems written for
and to be read by
only one person in the world,
some memories,
and love.

She had to throw it all today..
and get ready
for Debashish and his family..

..Asit meanwhile
was devising ways
to make his new-found love

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