Wednesday, June 30, 2010

let me not love

let me not fall
in love with you,
all my music,
my words, my days
and pains
..let them be my treasure.

the love
if we have
would be scarred,
by me.
am unworthy,
of all, that is you.
Deadened emotions,
cold and stoic. a colour, but clolourless
bereft of love's hue.

let me meander,
go loveless,forlorn
wither away
like time,
for your smiles are the price
am not ready to pay, love.
..a coward that is me
cannot commit such crime.

look at me like a desert
free of an oasis,
look at me like a dream.
I never happened an illusion,
was I
..a star who could never gleam.

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