Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Shall Write Rain

It rains as I sit to pen,
the voice, the sound calls me
into it..

..O these drops are but words
gathered into a cloud
and when it drizzles
with each drop a verse falls
and I tie it, into a poem..

.. Let me unfurl it tonight..

I can write about
how the clouds remind me
of someones long tresses
or how the falling rains are like caresses.

I can write about the sinfonia
the water plays and lets me fall
into thoughts and her deep embraces..

I can write a hundred metaphors
and frame them into a thousand poesies.

I shall write tonight
an ode to you, without words and metaphors.
I shall pen.. Rain ..
in between the page
and sew it
with two drops of the falling verse
and all the love within me..

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